Scottie Go! Adventures: Labirynt EN

Number of players: 1+
Minimum age: 6+
Language: english

Scottie’s new adventures in outer space!
The game was awarded the "Zabawka roku" award in 2019!
Scottie Go! Adventures: Labyrinth is the first episode of the Scottie
Go! Adventures series, designed for home users. During his space
travel Scottie is running low on fuel and has to land on an unknown
asteroid to fill the tank.

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113,74 zł

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Players’ mission is to help him find the crystals fueling his spaceship
so that he can continue his journey. Scottie will also come across
new objects, like Flags and Teleports. There are many new
experiences waiting for the players!

The major components of the game are the coding tiles sold in the box and the
mobile application.

The cardboard tiles, which can be put together like a jigsaw puzzle, are essential for
communicating with the protagonist of the game, Scottie. Players use them to compose
programs, which Scottie has to perform on the device’s screen.

The Scottie Go! Adventures mobile application:
• sets the quests,
• scans the commands (you have to capture the program through the photo or a video) and
• assesses the validity of the players’ instructions,
• includes an interactive programming course.

With Scottie Go! Adventures: Labyrinth players can:
• improve their analytical and logical thinking skills,
• attempt to solve complex problems,
• develop algorithmic intuition,
• experience multi-sensory learning.
The Scottie Go! Adventures application includes an interactive programming
course and is supported by mobile devices such as tablets
and smartphones, across Android and iOS operating systems.
Download the Scottie Go! Adventures Labyrinth mobile app from
Apple App Store and Google Play



57 cardboard tiles

• an organizer

• license key for 2 devices, which grants access the Scottie Go! Adventures mobile app

• user manual.


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