Scottie Mascot


Scottie offers a helping hand to the teachers all over the world! Our

friendly alien can now start a new adventure - become a classroom

assistant and help educators engage their pupils. Teachers can

use Scottie mascot when introducing new, creative educational

games featuring our friendly hero to their students.

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The mascot version of Scottie is circa 17 cm high. It is attractive and fun to play

with for children of all ages, thanks to its bright, eye-catching color combination

and original shape. Scottie Mascot will be perfect as a teaching aid in school or

as an entertaining learning companion at home. Both teachers and parents can

introduce Scottie Mascot to children as their “programming friend”, who will be

helping them with the quests included in the Scottie Go! games.

This toy is can be a basis for many fun and educational activities for pupils, involving

skills such as programming and mathematical or logical thinking. Scottie

Mascot is one-of-its-kind original brand mascot of the Scottie Go! series.

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