Scottie Go! for home users (PL)

Number of players: 1+
Minimum age: 6+
Language: polish

The home version of the award-winning Scottie Go! for Education.
It offers an in-depth Scottie Go! experience, covering multiple
coding concepts, available in our flagship product.

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137,40 zł

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Scottie invites all home users to have lots of fun with him! Our little alien challenges
them to use all of the 179 tiles to program his moves. Players can visit
each of the 7 continents and attempt to solve the 60 quests of gradually increasing
difficulty. Home users can program moves of Scottie and his friends, observe
their actions on devices’ screens and learn new programming concepts.

Download the Scottie Go! mobile app from Apple App Store and
Google Play. Scottie Go! application for 2-in-1devices and Windows
PC is available at

179 cardboard tiles for composing instructions • game board • user manual • organizer •
license key for activating the Scottie Go! app on 2 devices (the key grants teachers access
to additional


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