Scottie Go! for education (EN)

Number of players: 1+
Minimum age: 6+
Language: english

Scottie Go! for Education is the flagship product of the series.

It is compliant with many educational curriculums worldwide.

The game was awarded the Simo Education Innova award in 2018

as one of the most interesting new education products. It is sold in

over 80 countries all over the world.

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202,44 zł

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The major components of the game are the coding tiles, sold in the box, and the mobileScottie Go! Edu application.  The tiles are used to create programming instructionsf or Scottie to follow. They also symbolize

and thus help pupils acquire understanding of basic coding concepts.  The free-to-download Scottie Go! Edu app is necessary for the teacher and pupils to be able to work with the game.



• sets the quests,

• scans the tiles (by taking a video or a photo of the program with the app),

• assesses the programs composed by pupils and provides feedback,

• includes an interactive programming course.


Download the Scottie Go! Edu mobile app from Apple App Store

and Google Play. Scottie Go! Edu application for 2-in-1devices and

Windows PC is available at



179 cardboard tiles for composing instructions • game board • user manual • organizer •

license key for activating the Scottie Go! Edu app on 3 devices (the key grants teachers

access to additional teaching aids)


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